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Cars That Personal Injury Attorneys Wouldn’t Be Seen In

Cars That Personal Injury Attorneys Wouldn’t Be Seen In

A personal injury attorney’s job is to help people handle cases where injury is involved. Therefore he should have a good understanding about road safety, which, in turn, makes him the right guy to ask which cars will put you at risk of accidents and which cars don’t.

So would you like to know be what are the cars that a good injury attorney would never think of driving. Here’s a list of the cars that a very qualified personal injury attorney shouldn’t be driving:


  1. The Mirage by Mitsubishi – It’s small and cheap, which means that you won’t have any problem with parking and maneuvering your way around traffic. For a car that will only set you back 13k, it’s a good buy, right? Not exactly. Mirage owners have complained of annoying squeaks and rattling. It’s made of weak plastic compound that flunked the IIHS (Insurance Institute of Highway Safety) safety test.
  2. The Accent by Hyundai – as a sedan with the kind of price tag that it has, it’s also a good buy. However, it was graded the same with the Mirage on the IIHS test and what’s worse is that it didn’t do well on side impact protection also. Attorneys would do themselves right by steering clear from this car.
  3. The Mazda 5 – just like the design of this series of cars from Mazda, the safety grade of this car is old and obsolete. For the front impact test, the Mazda 5 rated poorly. On the test to determine how safe a passenger is from collisions that initiate on the side, it had a below average grade. And with regards to the seat safety, however, it was passed but only slightly. So a Mazda 5 driving attorney may not be your best bet.
  4. The Audi A4 – when this car was released in 1995, people were in awe of the beauty and luxury that this care brought. It was the cheaper alternative to BMW. It is still to this day a very endearing affordable luxury car, but it lacks depth in terms of physical security. Among all luxury vehicles, the A4 was the only vehicle that produced undesirable scores on the IIHS overlap test.
  5. The Lincoln MKS – this car is not only a poor scorer in terms of strength, it’s also a non-so-in-demand car. Like the A4, it didn’t make the cut. And what’s worse is among it’s peers, it’s the only one that failed the small overlap test while the others god top rankings.


So there you have it. Cars that good New York attorney will most likely not drive. These cars are just far from being safe and it would be hypocritical if a lawyer who specializes in accident drives them.

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