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Cars as Status Symbols – Projecting the Ideal Image of Yourself

Cars as Status Symbols – Projecting the Ideal Image of Yourself

A status symbol means buying a possession in order to indicate your wealth, high social status or professional status. These symbols are all around us and we are also prone to subconsciously do all sorts things that will accentuate our position, personality and similar. We can call it a way of expressing ourselves. We can do it through clothes, our cellphones, homes, haircuts, cars and so on and so on. The list can be infinite. But there is also another reason we are prone to show ourselves using showing objects we own. That reason is compensation.

Research has shown that man who drive fast cars usually have some insecurity issues. This clearly shows us that, in this case, fast cars are able to boost someone’s confidence. Also, if we don’t have enough confidence, we can enhance it through the speed of our car. Speed, as we know, gives us an adrenaline rush which is a rather satisfying experience for our body and mind. During the period of adrenaline rush we have a feeling like the whole world is ours and that we’re invincible.

With cars, you can accentuate your status. You are able almost to wear it wherever you go. People will notice you because everyone knows which cars are the most expensive ones. If you’re a major owner of two or more reputable mortgage companies you’re certainly proud of your success and you want to show it to others. That is completely normal. When you’re driving a good car, it’s like you become branded yourself. Even your car reminds you on what you drive because expensive cars always have a clear emblem on their hoods. Even if you wanted to hide the brand of the car, you wouldn’t succeed because all the best, the fastest and the most expensive models are unique, but easily recognizable by others. If you’re a reputable HR manager, like the ones from, what is better way to accentuate your managing, coordinating and directing skills than showing others that you can perfectly take control of a fast car. A car is almost like your trophy.


With cars, you can also compensate something you don’t have, perhaps a good enough job. If you don’t have a good job, but you drive a good car, people will think you’re wealthy and successful. If you, for example, look at you’ll see plumbers who make a decent living. You wouldn’t expect from them to drive expensive cars since they don’t earn enough money to buy them. Still, it is not uncommon to see men who don’t have that much money drive expensive cars. That’s because those kind of men feel threatened and insecure. They compensate for thing they don’t have with their expensive autos. Notice how they treat their car. Sometimes they treat it better than their children and wife. That’s because that car is the reflection of what they want to be. Their ideal self. It sounds pretty strange, explained in this way, but there is no better way to look dominant (alpha male) than through a car. You cannot do that with clothes, phones nor your house. The only thing “male” enough is your car. Your car projects the ideal image about yourself. People are also subconsciously aware of that, so they always relate your success and personality with your car.  This, in the end, suggests that you are what you drive. Or at least, what you want to be the most.

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