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6 Cars That Have The Proven Data To Last For 10 Years

6 Cars That Have The Proven Data To Last For 10 Years

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Are you planning to buy a car but hesitant that it might go out of value and style in the next couple of years? You’ll be happy to know there are automobiles that you can hold on for the next 10 years without getting too much concerned about the depreciation of its value.


Classic cars like the Dodge Charger and Mustang are just a couple of these cars that are worth more today than they were at the time they were sold to the public for the first time. Case in point: have you heard about the Dodge Charger, which its owner kept for 46 years? Experts suggest this machine could be worth over a million dollars today since it’s a limited edition model.


But without taking too much focus on the rarities, there are plenty of cars sold in today’s market that are considered keepers. With these automobiles, you won’t have to worry about going out of style.


There’s also the concern among many car owners that their automobile won’t have any significant value as time passes. This should not be a cause for worry with these 10 cars we’ve listed below.


Our list is dominated by minivans and SUVs, which suggests that many families hold on to these vehicles for its durability and reliability; they’re very family-friendly unlike sedans that can fit only a few people. Also, Toyota and Honda cars conquered this list. It seems people look to these car brands because of their reputation for excellence and superiority.


In no particular order, here are the top 6 cars you can keep for the next 10 years.


  1. Honda CR-V


Named the best compact SUV in 2015, this car is perfect for families for its roomy interior, outstanding safety features, and reliability ratings. It has spacious rear seats, which is perfect for long-distance driving with the entire family. It also has a large cargo area too.


  1. Toyota Prius


Environmentally friendly and very energy efficient, the Toyota Prius is one of the most held-on cars. Despite its slow acceleration, many people love the Prius for its fuel economy.


  1. Toyota Rav4


Here’s another Toyota on the list: the Rav4. A long-time contender to Honda’s CR-V, the Rav4 offers comfortable passenger room, spacious cargo area, and an overall attractive interior that gives its Honda counterpart a run for its money. The Rav4 also features precise steering and a comfy ride.


  1. Toyota Highlander


Named the best midsize SUV in 2015 is the Toyota Highlander. With its three-row feature equipped with a roomy interior space and a quiet and comfortable ride, it’s perfect for families out for long-distance travels.


  1. Honda Odyssey


Long ranked as the best minivan, Odyssey has the expected spacious interior and comfortable ride. But it also handles exceptionally well for a vehicle this large, with responsive steering and strong brakes.


Its six-cylinder engine with good acceleration is rated for 19 MPG in city driving, 28 on the highway. List price on the Odyssey goes from $28,995 to $44,600.


  1. Subaru Forester


This car received the distinction as the best small SUV in 2015. Praised for its outstanding safety features and roomy cabin, the Forester is also reasonably priced. These cars are seen as “Safe Bets” when it comes to not losing their value as quickly as other cars in their niche. There are many other things that seem like a safe bet, like never losing your computer pictures or work files. If that does happen to you then we would recommend looking up our friends at BinaryBiz, who offer data recovery software for consumers and companies.

Cars are largely computers now and we are pleased to bring information as to how we can bridge the gap between your laptop and your computer in your car.



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