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What Do You Listen To In Your Car

Sports, Music, Comedy? Most of us spend a decent amount of time behind the wheel.  As a former traveling salesperson I used to refer to it as windshield time. At first I used it for talking to my old college buddies I had not kept up with.  Then after I ran out of old buddies to connect with, I started on the radio. A few weeks later I knew every song on the radio by heart.  Then Pandora and other streaming apps.  Soon, I needed something different.  I wanted to be challenged and wanted to need to think creatively during my drive time.  This way my brain did not turn to mush during the 2 hours of zoning out down the high way before an important meeting with the head of a major hospital.  So staying mentally sharp was very important to me. I listened to sales books, I listened to self help via Audible.  I soon discovered that I could listen to comedy acts on some of these...

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