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Come See Seattle’s Classic Car Shows

Come See Seattle’s Classic Car Shows

My husband’s company was transferring him to Seattle and I couldn’t be more excited. I had always been a huge fan of the city and now it would be my home. My husband was busy with the transfer so he wanted me to start to look for our new home. Before doing that, though, I wanted to look into the Seattle real estate market as a whole.

I started my research by learning about the current Seattle real estate prices. I learned that the median value of the homes in the area was a little over $500,000, with home values rising. The trend was predicted to continue, so that was pretty good.

In regards to homes that were on the market, there were so many beautiful ones. The average listing price was over $600,000, but they ended up selling for nearly $50,000 less. Again, that was good news as I was always looking for a good deal.

After looking online at quite a few condos, I was able to narrow my list down to a handful that I wanted to look at in person. When I sent the listing to my husband, he really liked them, too. I was hoping that one of the homes I found would end up being our future home, but I was trying not to get too impatient. I knew that before too long, we would find the house that was going to be the best one for us.

Sure enough, a few months after my husband was told he would be transferring, we found our dream home in Seattle. It was beautiful and perfect, and located exactly where we wanted to be. I was so glad that we were able to move to the most amazing city ever.

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