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Cool Benefits Of Coffee When Driving

Cool Benefits Of Coffee When Driving

If you love drinking your coffee, summer never ends until it feels chilly enough to switch over from iced to hot coffee.

You probably stick it out through mid-autumn and insists that it is still summer while carrying an iced coffee growler around. Finally, you concede that your hands are cold and that steaming hot coffee is more appealing.

Did you know that switching over to hot coffee has you missing some major benefits?

Only Particular Iced Coffees Offer Benefits

Even though it gets annoying hearing a coffee snob highlighting the different varieties of brewing, it actually makes a difference if you want healthier coffee.

Seattle coffee roasters can prepare iced coffee in a variety of ways but they come down to 2 formats.

The first one involves preparing the coffee in the regular way and then cooling it by letting it drip into ice directly.

The second one is the cold brew. In this method, the coffee is never hot. All you do is put grounds in water and let it steep for hours before you take it.

It Is Good For The Stomach

When you heat up the coffee beans, they release acidic oils. In fact, acid levels in cold-brew coffee are around a third of those in hot coffee.

Cold brewed coffee therefore offers benefits because it is more alkaline and the human body functions best in alkaline conditions. An alkaline drink helps you digestive system. This explains why your stomach is stable with a cold-brew but flips with hot coffee.

Cold-brewed Coffee Just Tastes Better

The acid in hot coffee does not just matter to the stomach since it also matters to your tongue.

Hot brew coffee tends to taste bitter since the oils and acids in hot temperatures usually create a sour taste. Cold brews are anecdotally and scientifically sweeter.

Cold-brewed Coffee is Quite Easy To Make

Cold-brew might sound fancy but the reality is that it is perfect and simple for people that are bad at mornings.
If you are just one of those people that have to prepare everything the night before since your brain does not function in the morning, cold-brew coffee is what you need.

All you need to do is place the coffee grounds in a bowl or jar of water and leave it overnight. In the morning, use a cheesecloth or coffee filter to strain the mix and add it to a travel thermos or glass over ice.

Growlers Save The Day

If you find that preparing cold-brew coffee is just not your thing but would still like to enjoy the benefits associated with it, you need to consider buying growler coffee. Many brewers now offer cold-brew coffee in growlers. Once you have taken all the coffee in the growler, you can swap it for another full growler of cold-brew coffee. The commercial brewers also offer additional flavors than those you can create at home.


Cold-brew coffee offers many benefits that anyone serious about health should consider enjoying. It is easy to prepare this type of coffee but if you don’t have the time, it is better to buy it from commercial brewers. Whatever your option will be, make sure that you do not miss the many benefits of cold-brew coffee.

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