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How to deal with transmission problems?

How to deal with transmission problems?

In motor vehicles, the transmission is generally connected to the engine crankshaft via a flywheel, clutch and fluid coupling, shifting gears to dynamically change the speed torque ratio in order to deliver power to the wheels. And this is directly effecting on the vehicle speed, because the high rotational speed engine’s output cannot be used for low speeds and starting. But there is a big issue, because when the vehicle transmission breaks down, the vehicle is in a big problem.

Transmission problem can result with massive problem to entire vehicle, that is why we can notice a lot of various signs that will show as the breakdown of the transmission. One of them can be falling out of gear while driving or grinding sound when changing gears, burning odor and leaking transmission fluid. So when you notice these things you must repair or rebuild your transmission. A full transmission replacement process is one of the most expensive procedures a mechanic can perform on potential vehicle. But otherwise, the good news is that a transmission replacement can be much cheaper as long as there are no major issues to be addressed. Because you have to know that serious transmission repair is one of the most expensive repairs on the vehicle there is. Today the process of rebuilding transmission is rather lengthy and labor-intensive in that the mechanics must disassemble transmission to search for problems and replace those parts who are making the biggest problem. If we speak generally, there are two steps before rebuilding a transmission, the first is to change transmission fluid and this is the easiest check and one of the common problem that can occur. It is a fact that dirty transmission fluid can and will cause the shifting to become noticeably “stickier” and decreasing the vehicle fuel economy as well. Second, the mechanics will check the vehicle’s computer system that controls automatic shifting (just for automatics) every transmission is slipping and hard shifts can actually be caused by the computer if the RPM correctly. And all you have to do is to change sensor.

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After all this and some other diagnostic tests the mechanic should disassemble the transmission in order to start rebuilding. Each part is inspected, refreshed, cleaned and replaced. But on the other hands the parts such as seals and gaskets are replaced anyway but that is not the case if problem is not in their main component, the transmission would be replaced and reinstalled into the car. Then you should do the test drive to ensure and secure if everything is working properly.

If fact let’s put it simple Transmissions take engine power and use it to power a cars movement. So without a working transition the car will not move. Many transmissions suffer neglect, though replacing or rebuilding a transmission is one of the costliest auto repair services. And if you simply follow the manufacturer or dealer service recommendations for changing transmission fluid, other gaps or issues you will know how to handle the transmission problems and you will save a lot of money which is the point of this article.

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