Driving Causing Back Pain? Active Release Technique Could Be The Solution

How Chiropractic Helps Drivers Get Rid Of Pain


Many drivers experience back pain at some point in their lives. For me I was driving 100-200 miles a day in a previous position as an outside sales rep. I was having frequent soreness in my lower back and it felt like a knot was formed there.

I went to visit my local Chiropractor who informed me that I was sitting on my wallet.  I looked at him, like “yeah I know I am”.  He then went on to tell me that having a thick wallet was off setting the muscles in my back. The off set muscles were then pulling my bones to be offset.  Most chiropractors focus solely on the bones and focus on “aligning your spin” through spinal and neck adjustments.

Many of these Doctors are missing the key element which can alleviate long term discomfort and pain.  If the muscles are not worked on properly and put back into a comfortable resting position, then they will pull the bones which were just manipulated back into the position they should be in, to another round of uncomfortable back pain. Active Release Technique also called ART, is the process of finding the sore spots in your body and manipulating those muscles so they can disengage and stop pulling the bones out of alignment.

Lack of ART technique will often be the cause of why many chiropractic patients feel great for one or two days after visiting the office, then its right back to more of the same discomfort.

So, after he told me about how I should stop wearing my wallet in my back pocket while driving I went and bought a money clip. I kept it in my front pocket and after several weeks I went back to him and told him that I felt so much better. The pain in my lower back was almost all gone. I still drove many many miles every day, however that was lessened by getting rid of the wallet.

If you are a driver and are experiencing back pain, get rid of anything in your back pocket. Find a qualified Active Release Technique certified Chiropractor near you and try not to slouch in your seat.

Here is to a more comfortable and enjoyable driving experience to all drivers whether you are a race car weekend warrior, or rocking the soccer shuttle, we salute you.

Edward Vaughn

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