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High End Cars Can Lead To Increased DUI’s

It is great to shop for a new car, and look at all the high end models that cost more than many people’s houses.  The desire to own a Lambo or a new Porsche is exhilarating to say the least, but with this type of vehicle also comes the attention of other drivers as well as law enforcement.

Purchase a new Lamborghini Egoista and watch the heads turn everywhere. Roll up to a red light and every vehicle within 100 yards will stop and look at your ride.  Roll through a small town at twenty miles an hour and every head will turn.  When you purchase a high end Lambo you are going to attract attention, and some of this attention is going to come from people you may not want, specifically law enforcement.

If you drop a couple hundred thousand on a new ride, not only are people on the street taking a second look at you, but often times the police are going to be checking out who is behind the wheel as well.  The last thing you would ever want to do is take a chance with drinking and driving in a vehicle like this.  Too much attention can spell disaster if you happen to have a few cocktails at dinner, and rolling through town in a new Silver Egoista while swerving a bit could end up with you looking for a DUI attorney to get your out of the limelight.  Attention can be great, but too much attention can cause you some misery and headache.

There is a reason that red sports cars get more speeding tickets compared to any other vehicle.  If a vehicle grabs your attention, it will also grab everyone’s attention, including the police.  If Justin Bieber were driving a grey Honda Accord compared to a yellow Lamborghini back in 2014, he probably would not have received the attention he did while driving through Miami Beach.  When you roll through the middle of town in a high-end vehicle that stands out from every other one, you can expect the attention from law enforcement to be pretty high, and they will be looking for any small mistake to pull you over and question what is going on.

This is not to say that the police department is on the lookout for high-end vehicles and looking for an excuse to pull someone over and arrest them. It is simply human nature.  If you see a gorgeous woman walk through the airport in a provocative dress, you are going to take a second look because the woman caught your attention.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you just simply see something that looks out of place or odd, and your physical reaction will just have you taking a second look. This is going to be the same when you drive a vehicle down the road that 99% of the population cannot afford. You will attract attention.

With success and accomplishment also comes attention, and often times that attention is not wanted.  Realize this before you meet with friends for a few cocktails on Friday night and drive down Rodeo Drive.  If you are driving in a vehicle that is going to capture everyone’s attention, be prepared to answer some questions if you just happen to swerve a hair or two on your ride home.  It simply comes with the territory of owning this type of vehicle.



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