High End Video Commercials For High End Cars

What do you think makes people buy high end, luxury vehicles? There are many factors that go into the buying decision. First, the thing that people would like to think is the number one factor in deciding to buy a luxury car is the quality of the car. This could include several things including the comfort level, conveniences (Bluetooth, XM radio, GPS navigation, etc.), lifetime, and safety rating. Wondering what one of the most important factors that go into influencing people to buy high-end cars? One of the biggest influences on a car buying decision is the marketing behind the brand and model of the car. This includes well-produced videos, award winning commercials, and, of course, more traditional forms of marketing including print ads.

High end sports car commercials


Good marketing sells high priced cars

What makes people justify spending $100,000 or more on a car rather than $20,000 on a car that may have a longer lifetime, a higher safety rating, and the same conveniences? What makes a Lamborghini worth all that money? Sure, the design draws a lot of people in, but the design changes over time, doesn’t it? Furthermore, some people may agree that other cars look better to them, but they would still choose to purchase the Lamborghini if they had the money. The reason that people will choose a more expensive, lower quality, and a less attractive car is because of the years of marketing that have backed that car up. We all like to believe that we are uninfluenced by advertising and other forms of marketing, but the truth is that Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Corvettes, and other high-end cars are desired because of the successful marketing of them.


Understanding the hype behind videos and commercials

So you understand that marketing is important, but as you may know, the digital age has altered the marketing world significantly. To have a successful marketing plan for your high-end car brand, you need to seek out the services of a video production company in Washington, DC. Why DC? Well, simply put, production companies in DC are among the best in the United States, and due to the digital marketing world, high-quality video production is necessary to have positive brand associations.


If you go to a conventional video production company, then you will have a standard video with flaws. If you are interested in buying a high-end car, would a poor quality video convince you that a car is the best, most luxurious car you can get? On the other hand, if you see an impressive commercial for a Tesla, that will make you think that a Tesla is worth the money. The more money you spend on your video production for commercials, the higher the value that people will perceive from your brand. When people perceive a high value associated with your brand, that means you can charge a lot more money for your cars. Welcome to the world of marketing high-end vehicles.

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