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Higher Speeds And Plastic Surgery – If Your Lucky

Higher Speeds And Plastic Surgery – If Your Lucky

The lure of the high speed automobile is something we can all relate with. The ability to hit 100mph in less than 10 seconds can have endorphins on high-alert.  High performance automobiles handle differently than your off the lot Chevrolet or Buick, and for many drivers of these vehicles want to push the limits when it comes to speed. With the increase in speed, also comes the possibility of of an accident, or the possibility of death.

Accident Risks Increase With Increased Speeds

The higher the speed while traveling in a vehicles increases the risk of an automobile accident.  There have been strong correlations established through numerous studies when it comes to speed and risk.  Overall, this relationship holds true for all speeds while on the road, however, the increased rate in accidents varies with the initial speed and the type of road a driver is on.  An interstate with very little traffic while traveling at a high speed is less likely to cause an accident as compared to the same driver, driving the same speed on a rural road.  With more turns and less space, the odds of being in an accident increase dramatically.

Higher Speeds: Less Reaction Time

When traveling at a higher speed the ability to react decreases.  Traveling at 100mph gives you less time to respond to something like an animal running onto the road, or another vehicle quickly changing lanes and landing in front of you.  Drivers need to process information while driving, whether or not to make a quick turn or simply stay on the same path. At a higher speed, obviously objects and traffic will appear quicker and more rapidly, reducing the time to make the necessary adjustments or execute a reaction with the vehicle.  Braking distance, even with some of the higher end vehicles we discuss on this regularly is decreased at a higher speed, causing more accidents on the road.  Simply stated, the possibility to avoid a collision becomes less and less as the overall speed increased.

Increased Speeds Increased Severity Of Accidents

When traveling at such high speeds, the accidents are also more severe.  An accident in rush hour traffic while traveling at a minor car accidentspeed of 45mph will cause the air bags to deploy, and will likely cause some serious damage to the vehicle.  With a safe vehicle you may suffer a broken arm or leg, a shoulder or neck issue, or may have facial lacerations from broken glass, but you would likely survive.  Other than maybe a trip to the hospital or a consultation with the local plastic surgeon, you would likely survive and be able to discuss the accident.  This is not in any way to say that you are safe traveling at this speed and there is not the possibility of a more severe outcome.

When you are in an automobile accident at 120mph as an example, the dynamics of the accident change.  Instead of dents in the vehicle, pieces of the car are no longer connected.  High speed accidents can split a vehicle in half, or launch passengers hundreds of yards. The possibility of the vehicle flipping many times over increase as well. A vehicle traveling at such a high rate of speed will multiply the risk of a harmful result ten-fold if not more.  As mentioned earlier, the increase in speed reduces response time and braking.  The ability to slam on the brakes at 20 feet will not prevent impact into something like another motorist or a tree. Instead of quick trips to the emergency room, those involved may be lying in a morgue.  The increase in speed significantly impacts serious injury and fatalities.

high speed automobile accident

Driving conditions, which hasn’t been mentioned too much in this post also plays such a large role in the probability of automobile accidents. A wet road, or highway with black-ice will create a higher chance of the vehicle not responding as expected or spinning out of control.  Unlike the speed in which you travel which is at the discretion of the driver, the road conditions and unforeseen circumstances are not. You also have no control over other drivers on the road.  This is one of the reasons why you really should be a defensive driver.

The reason so many of us love the high performance, top-end vehicle is because of the feeling of exhilaration we get from traveling at a high speed. It is hard to describe to someone that has never felt it before, but it is simply like nothing else. Beware of the dangers related to that higher speed, and remember to keep that feeling, and your speed in check.



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