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How Soldiers With PTSD Are Using Cars As Therapy

How Soldiers With PTSD Are Using Cars As Therapy

PTSD therapy in seattle waThere are many different types of anxiety, and one particular type is called post-traumatic stress disorder. Although it is primarily thought of as an affliction associated with soldiers returning from wars, there are also a huge number of sufferers that have experienced the same types of stress at home or work when violent events transpire. There are a set group of symptoms that a doctor can diagnose and there are certain treatments that do show promise for those afflicted. Many survivors of rape, natural disasters, child abuse, hostage situations, and even auto accidents have post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD and are in search of the best treatments available.

Some Of The Main Symptoms Are Easily Observed

People that exhibit these symptoms are usually considered to have PTSD or maybe a precursor syndrome that could progress if more traumatic events enter their lives.
Patients will exhibit a strong avoidance of many types of situations that remind them of the events that resulted in their disorder, sometimes to the point of violently resisting entering a similar area, event, or venue.

They may also be in a state of permanent heightened state of alertness that never seems to go away. Always vigilant, checking out the window, watching people that are suspicious, with no way to relax. They may also use drugs or alcohol in excess in order overcome their anxiety as well.

Then, they may have episodes where they re-experience some of the same events that happened in the past that was so traumatic. There could be small triggers that cause the re-living of the events or they may happen without notice any time.

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Has Emerged As Treatment

This has been considered groundbreaking treatment in an area that has had little long-term success. PTSD is difficult to treat and takes a long period of time to know if the lingering effects are permanently gone. EMDR has been studied intensely by researchers and has been found to be one of the most effective treatments.

In order to work the best, it’s been found that it needs to be carried out by a highly trained psychotherapy professional that has been extensively trained in the procedure. It is considered to be an innovation in the treatment of PTSD and there are those that disagree with the method, which is normal for anything new in therapy.

The Actual EDMR Treatments Involves Recalling Events

While those events are recalled the patient is stimulated to move the eyes from side to side, adding tapping to various specific points and other types of diversions that are designed to break and desensitize the cycle of trauma aftermath.

EDMR has also been used extensively to help those with panic attacks, test anxiety, grief and even obsessive compulsive disorder, to help realign the response away from the trauma anxiety and on to a more normal reaction to common everyday stimuli.

If you have any kind of anxiety disorder, including PTSD, you should ask your therapist if they are involved in the EMDR method of eliminating stress. If not, you may be able to find a local practitioner that knows of and is trained in using the techniques to see if they work for you in your situation.

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