Is There A Correlation Between High-End Cars And Golfers?

Considering the cost of exclusive Country Clubs, and the ost associated with the sport of golf, we wanted to explore the relationship between golf and high-end vehicles.  Is there a correlation between expensive cars and the game of golf?  The short answer to this question is yes. If you visit a golf resort, a country club, or even a public golf course, you are likely to see a lot of higher-end cars in the parking lot. You will probably see brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Acura, Porsche, Lexus, BMW, Jaguar, Tesla and many more. You may also see some extremely high-end cars including Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other cars that you hear about, but don’t typically see on a daily basis.

Most correlations aren’t perfect 1:1 ratios. This means that you will probably not see only high-end cars at a golf course. No, some of the cars will be your standard vehicles – Hyundais, Toyotas, Fords, etc. The real question isn’t necessarily whether to not there is a correlation between expensive cars and golfers, but rather, why is there a correlation? Do some golf clubs require that you have a car that costs a certain amount? Do luxury car companies give deals to golf club members? Maybe people who care about golf also care a lot about cars. Let’s consider some of the possibilities.

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Do some golf clubs require that you own a luxury car?

This is not a likely cause of the correlation between high-end cars and golfers, but there may be something behind the theory. While golf clubs may not state a requirement about owning a luxury car, they may use your vehicle as a factor when considering your request to join a club. Golf clubs are usually associated with money, and to maintain a particular appeal, the club may want to appear as if it is exclusive and top notch. Having the best members with fancy looking cars could make a club membership more desirable to outsiders, and we all know that with increased demand, and a limited supply, prices tend to rise.


Do luxury car companies give deals to golf club members?

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This is a definite possibility, but there are other ways that luxury car companies can promote their brands within the environment of a golf club. Luxury brands can provide sponsorships for the golf club, resulting in their logos being placed on shirts, golf carts, etc. Car companies can also advertise in magazines typically found in golf clubs such as Golf Digest and Golf Weekly. In fact, they do. You may also notice that some of the top PGA golf professionals in the world advertise for high-end automobile makers such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz. It is not uncommon to see sponsorships at events like Member-guests or club championships to see hole-in-one-sponsorships provided by luxury automakers.  Make a hole-in-one and win a brand new BMW.

Golfers Will Promote Luxury Automobiles, Watches, and Golf Gear

Take one of the top PGA professionals and look at their attire. There will be some form of logo or sponsorship on his hat, golf bag, shirts, and even on the caddie. You can generally tell the level of success by the sponsorship on the golfer. Tiger Woods for example, wears nothing but Nike clothing from hit hat to his shoes, and plays with Nike Woods and irons. He plays Nike golf balls, wears gloves made by Nike, and his caddie is fitted with the sponsor as well.  Tiger signed an exclusive deal with Nike, but up and coming professionals are more willing to take on more sponsorships. Some new pros look more like Nascar Drivers than golfers with the amount of logos they have on their body. You can find sponsorships from lumber companies to a up-and-coming golf company. Big companies are willing to take a chance on this market as well.  Under Armour may have won the sponsorship lottery by signing up and coming phenom Jordan Spieth.


Do people who care about golf also care about cars?

While this is a possibility, and some individuals who care about golf probably do care about cars as well. The more likely correlation here is that people who golf also care about appearances, and they typically have the money to maintain those appearances. This means wearing the right brands, drinking the right kinds of liquor, and of course, driving good-looking cars.

It appears as if there are many factors that go into the correlation of high-end cars and golfers. Some of the possible causes are mentioned above, but there are most likely many others that we have not discussed.

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