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Is the rotator cuff problem preventing you from driving?

Is the rotator cuff problem preventing you from driving?

Rotator cuffs are groups of muscles supporting the motion of your arm, and stabilizing the shoulder joint. It goes through a lot of wear and tear, especially in individuals using this part of their bodies for a living, such as swimmers and painters. Besides the profession, the age also plays a huge role in developing this issue.

If you reach for something on a shelf and experience pain, you have probably torn your rotator cuff. In some cases, doing exercises will be enough to fix it, while in others the only possible solution is getting rotator cuff surgery. It is necessary if you want to be able to use your arm again. The surgeon will repair the damage, or remove the scar tissue or bone fragments causing the pain. It is a bad idea to drive while experiencing shoulder pain, and you should avoid it. If your hand is not functioning properly, you might be able to turn the wheel, or change gear, which could result in a car accident. Protect yourself and people around you by not driving.


Several factors indicate whether the surgery is the right option. For example, it depends on the degree of the symptoms. If you are dealing with tolerable pain, non-surgical treatment methods will be enough. On the other hand, if the pain is intense and extreme, it is a sign of a severe tear, and can be fixed only by undergoing surgery.

When you visit a doctor, he will probably prescribe anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. If you respond to them, surgery will not be needed. Also, smaller injuries such as partial tears and slight separation of the ligaments can be put under the control without having to be operated, while large tears require surgical attention.

Not all rotator cuff injuries are the same, and if your situation requires surgery, you need to be familiar with most common procedures. Open repair surgery includes a large incision, and a painful recovery, which can last up to several months. However, the advantage is that all tendons are easily seen, which makes it less difficult to fix the problem.


The second option is semi-open repair surgery, which involves a short incision to get access to the tear. The doctor will clean out the damaged tissue and the bone spurs. The benefit of this procedure is that it is less invasive, and with a short recovery period than with the first option. The last one is arthroscopic repair surgery, where shoulder surgeon uses a small camera, and can see his repair via television. Also, it requires only a small incision.

The recovery time varies from person to person, the severity of an injury, and the particular method used. After the procedure, you need to rest, do exercises, and avoid driving until the rotator cuff issue is entirely behind you. Don’t sit behind the wheel before the end of the healing process, wait until you are completely recovered.

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