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The Best Cars For Wheelchair Transporation

The Best Cars For Wheelchair Transporation

With thousands of different options available for everything from overpowered engines in small cars all the way down to window decals, it can be hard to pick one car out of the lot, even with the budgetary constraints most people deal with. However, most people find themselves getting a car that’s good enough rather than what they wanted. For the handicapped though, getting the right car is a far more important task than simply getting a set of wheels. Considerations must be made for their disability when buying a new vehicle. This is whether they simply have a hard time walking or if they are confined to a wheelchair.

2011 Toyota SiennaPeople who need wheelchairs have a particularly difficult time finding cars, even if they don’t intend to drive it themselves. Modifying a car to be driven by someone who needs a wheelchair can cost thousands of dollars in specialized parts and modification work, as well as further expenses down the line to maintain the equipment that not every auto shop is ready to deal with. Even if a wheelchair user is simply the passenger, getting them and their wheelchair into the car can be nothing less than an ordeal. Fortunately, some cars do handle this task better than others.

By way of sedans, the Toyota Avalon series has long been enjoyed by the mobility impaired. It has a smooth ride and a cabin and trunk large enough to accommodate even large wheelchair, in addition to a more adjustable seat arrangement that can be moved to make travel more comfortable. Another Toyota model, the Prius, shares the traits of a large cabin and trunk, but also offers other worthwhile features such as a low effort steering system for those whose disabilities make turning the steering while a challenge and a key less ignition preferred by the arthritic.

Fiat dobloSport utility vehicles and wagons are, all connotations aside, actually not a bad idea for the mobility impaired. One particular model is the Toyota Prius V, with a high gas mileages and over 34 cubic feet of space in the cabin, able to hold passenger and wheelchair alike. Another model of note is the MPG MV-1, a vehicle built specifically to cater to the mobility impaired market. The flooring is built to prevent slipping and a ramp for easier access, all built around the needs and comfort of a mobility challenged driver. Finally, the Scion xB has a boxy design that, while often derided as ugly, is actually fairly comfortable for people confined to wheelchairs and can easily be modified to handle a ramp installment.

Vans and minivans, long preferred by who need wheelchairs, also have a number of options. The Toyota Sienna is among the best of the lot, and has an unusual features; the seat can be lifted and inclined to suit the needs of the driver climbing in. Finally, Ford’s Transit Connect, while built with small business use, but is good for people with mobility issues too. With a large interior and solid gas mileage, it isn’t the worst choice a car buyer could make.

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