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The Car Brands That Are In The Most Car Accidents

The Car Brands That Are In The Most Car Accidents

As any driver, mechanic, paramedic, insurance agent or personal injury solicitor will tell you, car accidents are a thing that happen frequently and can in some cases be fatal to multiple people. Oftentimes, this is due to driver inexperience, but can and often will be chalked up to anything from vicious weather conditions to wild animals. Still, inexperience is the main factor, and five years of dedicated driving is a better form of accident protection than any amount of car safety features. Still, statistically at least, some cars are more likely to be involved in accidents that are fatal to the driver, passengers and pedestrians alike.

Nissan350ZThe Chevy Colorado is a surprising entry on the list of cars likely to wind up in a collision that is fatal to the driver given its size, but the two wheel drive extended cab pick up racked up a sizable number of driver fatalities. Surprising enough, statistically speaking, over half the deaths happened without the impact of another vehicle, implying that the car is more than a little difficult to control properly. In a similar vein, and with a little under two thirds of its crashes being single vehicle incidents, the Nissan Versa sedan racked up a high number of fatalities, again implying difficulty of control in dangerous situations.

Again, with as many fatalities on record and again around two thirds of the crashes happening with only one vehicle, is the Hyundai Tiburon. The reverse was true of the Chevrolet Malibu. The Malibu, was poorly reviewed and were mostly purchased on the cheap for vehicle fleets such as those for taxi services and car rental agencies. Around a third of recorded fatalities in these vehicles came from multi vehicle collisions, suggesting relatively weak construction. The same was true of the Kia Spectra Wagon, again with around three fifths of the fatal collisions being multi vehicle events.

In regards to yet another pick up truck, the reverse was true. The Nissan Titan two wheel drive extended cab was a fairly dangerous vehicle on American roads, yet over three fifths of all the driver fatalities in the model were from crashes involving only one vehicle on anything from a damp bridge to a snowy forest. Like the Malibu, the Chevy Colbalt was also a fairly dangerous machine, which many experts also attribute to its wide reaching popularity as a car used by rental fleets. Unfamiliarity with a vehicle can be dangerous, and driving a totally new car as a rental can obvious increase this hazard.

The Chevy Aveo is another somewhat dangerous vehicle, though it was split mostly evenly between single and multi vehicle collisions. Its light weight is a factor, though any automotive engineer will say that such things are to be expected, though badly designed pick up trucks can be just as dangerous. One such ill fated pick up truck was the Nissan Titan two wheel drive crew cab. This one was particularly dangerous on its lonesome, as over three fourths of all driver fatalities in this truck were the result of the vehicle crashing on its own with no involvement on the part of other drivers. One particularly dangerous vehicle was the Nissan 350Z, notable for likewise having around three fourths of the recorded fatalities in single vehicle mishaps.

Still, if you drive any of these vehicles, there’s no reason to panic immediately. These machines are not death traps; indeed, the rate of driver death in these vehicles was around one percent of one percent (0.01%) indicating that they are not entirely unsafe. Still, statistically at least, these vehicles were among the most dangerous on the roads while they were new.

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