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The Eye Test – An Essential Part of Your Driving License Application

The Eye Test – An Essential Part of Your Driving License Application

The Eye Test – An Essential Part of Your Driving License Application

As everyone who has even attempted to drive knows, driving can be incredibly difficult. Among other abilities needed to be a good driver, driving on any road requires good reflexes, foresight, quick thinking and a great deal of patience. Being able to handle stress and performing basic vehicle maintenance can also be important skills to any driver. Above all else, experience is the best teacher of driving skills, as all but the most elderly drivers are inevitably the ones who can handle even rough roads the best. However, one human capacity is absolutely essential to driving well, and that is the human capacity for sight.

eye-chartDriving is a very visual activity, as all drivers need to be able to not only see where they’re going, but also see road hazards, pedestrians, traffic signs and signals and dividing lines on even dark or damp roads. While most governments go out of the way to make these thing as easy to see as possible, there is only so much reflective paint and street illumination can provide, requiring that all responsible drivers be able to see well enough to notice these things and thus provide less of a hazard to anyone using the roads along with them.

Driving license eye tests exist to ensure that driver’s can see the road well enough to be safe on the roads and highways. These tests are quite similar to eye exams at an optometrist’s office, though they are somewhat different in that they are intended to see if drivers can meet a bare minimum of visual acuity rather than getting a clear picture of how well they can see. While taking a licensing vision test is no substitute for a doctor’s visit, it will enable the testers to see if a person can reach a specific threshold of sensory ability to be able to see the roads well enough not be a danger to themselves and others.

Glasses and contact lenses are of course allowed during these tests, as barring people with correctable glassesvisual impairment from driving is just plain ridiculous. However, if a would be driver uses glasses or contact lenses during a licensing vision test, any licenses they receive will become somewhat more conditional than other driver’s licenses. Specifically, the driver who passes the eye exam with glasses or contacts must have a pair of glasses or contacts at all times when driving or risk losing their licenses, on top of the potential for damage to their vehicles and possibly the health and lives of others.

For more visually impaired drivers, Mobdro this is not much of a problem, but as drivers get older, their vision will like get worse. Different jurisdictions have different standards for how bad a person’s vision can be before they are no longer allowed to drive, but if a person’s sense of sight becomes weaker than even glasses and surgery can mend, they will likely not keep their licenses very long. This is because, again, drivers who can not see the road are a risk to everyone on or near that road.

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