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Top Automobile Brands And Copyrights

Top Automobile Brands And Copyrights

Forbes recently announced their list of the most valuable brands in the world, and most of the names on the list are no surprise.  Brands such as Apple, Google, and IBM are part of the top five, but what is really interesting are the automobile makers that are in the top 25.  It just may simply be a sign of the times that the big US automakers such as Ford and Chevrolet may be suffering a bit from brand recognition.

If you had to guess which brand of automobile makers ranked highest on Forbes list, which would you think?  Most would believe that it would be a high-end sports car like Ferrari or Bentley, but in fact, the largest brand is Toyota, coming in at #8 on the list.  Although Toyota is based in Japan, it manufactures cars all over the world with its most prominent plants in North America, Asia, and in Europe.

The brand of automobile that came in after Toyota ranked #16 according to Forbes. That brand is BMW.  With the high-end vehicles BMW has produced over the last several decades, and the upscale price tag, many would believe that the brand would have more of a following than Toyota. A big difference between the two is the amount of vehicles produced by each company annually.  Toyota vehicles are moderately priced where as most of the BMW line is upscale.  After all, a team of marketing agents and undoubtedly copyright and trademark attorneys came up with the tagline “The Ultimate Driving Machine” which is arguably the most recognizable in the automobile industry.  They have recently trademarked “Sheer Driving Pleasure” and have also included the tagline “Joy” in recent marketing campaigns.

Coming in on the big list of most recognizable brands was another automobile company that targets the masses.  Honda ranked #23 on Forbes list in 2015, and will likely continue to have their trademark H placed on millions of vehicles in the coming years.  The brand produces the most amount of vehicles in the world each year and is obviously one that is very recognizable for its long-lasting and durable automobiles.

Mercedes Benz BrandThe final automobile manufacturer to crack the top 25 brands in the world is Mercedes-Benz, which appeared at #24.  The company trademarked and copyrighted the slogan “The Best or Nothing” recently, and continue to impress new and old Benz drivers alike with the latest innovations and options available on their vehicles.  The German based automaker targets upscale drivers with not only their automobiles but also provides luxurious coaches, buses, and trucks.

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