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What Do You Listen To In Your Car

Sports, Music, Comedy?

Most of us spend a decent amount of time behind the wheel.  As a former traveling salesperson I used to refer to it as windshield time. At first I used it for talking to my old college buddies I had not kept up with.  Then after I ran out of old buddies to connect with, I started on the radio.

A few weeks later I knew every song on the radio by heart.  Then Pandora and other streaming apps.  Soon, I needed something different.  I wanted to be challenged and wanted to need to think creatively during my drive time.  This way my brain did not turn to mush during the 2 hours of zoning out down the high way before an important meeting with the head of a major hospital.  So staying mentally sharp was very important to me.

I listened to sales books, I listened to self help via Audible.  I soon discovered that I could listen to comedy acts on some of these streaming apps.  I fell in love with Stand up comedy.  I had to think quickly as many of these acts went rapid fire through the jokes and that’s what i wanted. Mental sharpness and quickness of mind before a client meeting.

Soon that love of driving in my car and listening to comedy transitioned into going to comedy clubs.  I started watching local acts and just fell in love with seeing pros and amateurs get up on stage and do their bit.  I would never do it, because quite frankly I lack the original comedic flavor one needs to pull off a successful act.

I was then put in charge of our company Christmas party/event.  Some people wanted to hire a Santa Clause, some wanted a band or a DJ.  Me… I think you can guess what I wanted, and since I was in charge, I hired a Comedian.  It really was not even that hard, I simply went to Google, and typed in “Hire A comedian For A Company Party” and I looked at a few, called a few and eventually hired The Comedy Agency to help me select the appropriate comic for our event. We needed a relatively clean act as most of the people we work with are older and more conservative in nature.  Jason from The Comedy Agency was super helpful and showed me his clean comedy section and we picked an act.

The comic we got was sooo funny.  He even pulled me up on stage and ripped apart my wardrobe, which was a bit odd to be the one that hired him then get picked on, but I think he knew I was a lover of the stand up art and could take a ribbing.

So, even though I dont travel for work anymore I still listen to my comedy acts whenever I can in the car, on the train or at the gym.

Hiring a comedian while they are new allows you to discover the top comedians for your audience, without paying full on star power prices.. Nobody knows ways to work a crowd like a professional comedian. Hire a comic from LOL and see for yourself! Prepare yourself to laugh aloud!


I love playing chess, new gadgets and watching funny cat videos.
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