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Why the Conversion Van is Increasing in Popularity among Plumbers

Why the Conversion Van is Increasing in Popularity among Plumbers

Many people don’t understand why plumbing contractors purchase new vans or trucks, only to still spend thousands of dollars on kitting out the backs of them with mounted shelving, racks and even mini workbenches in some cases. However, doing this allows plumbers to ensure that everything they have with them – from tools to the smallest faucet washer or screw – is easily accessible, while also being stored as securely as possible.

Save Time and Effort

There is nothing more frustrating for an Orange County plumber than to arrive at a site and still have to spend a large amount of time searching through ill-packed toolboxes or bags to find the right tools and materials to perform the job on hand. As a result, more and more of the mare seeing just how beneficial it is to have the back parts of their vehicles customized with a range of slide out drawers, storage racks, hooks and shelves. This allows them to store everything in their vehicles in the most convenient ways possible, which saves a tremendous amount of time and effort on site. This can effectively translate into more money being made in that more jobs will be able to be done each day as well.

Store More in the Vehicle

Many contractors waste a lot of time each day when they have to unpack their vehicles from the day before and re-pack them with the tools and equipment that will be needed for work being done today. However, when they make use of a conversion van, this time-wasting activity will soon be a thing of the past in that everything will have its permanent place in the vehicle – and all of it will be easy to find and access. When everything is stowed efficiently, it becomes possible to store a lot more in a vehicle as well.

Be the Envy of Other Plumbing Companies

When a plumber’s vehicle has been kitted out and converted with shelving systems, slide out drawers and other storage solutions, it not only enhances work efficiency levels; it can also make the vehicle in question literally ‘stand out from the crowd.’ As a result, it is recommended to spend as much as what can be afforded when having the conversion performed. For example, solid wood will last far longer as shelving than particle board, and using the best quality drawer runners will enable them to slide smoothly while being used. Additionally, the higher quality drawer runners have a ‘click’ system to keep them closed when not in use, which will hold everything in place while driving.

Although converting a van to include shelving and racks may seem like an expensive or even frivolous option, plumbers who have done so have stated that it has made a tremendous difference to their lives each day. When a conversion such as this is done properly, it can last for many years – in fact, some of them have been known to outlast the actual vehicle. Anyone who needs further information on performing a conversion can contact us today at OC Plumbing Pros.

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